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The Premier Ballroom Experience of  Fulshear

Build your own skills and confidence.  Spend time with your significant other.  Perfect your wedding dance.  Meet new friends.  Get ready to shine at a social event.  Develop a new hobby.  Have a fun fitness workout.

Dance the night away in our ballroom dance lessons!


At Dance Vision Studios you'll learn the basic techniques in a variety

of dance styles from Foxtrot to Swing, and everything in between. 


You do not need to bring a partner to take lessons.  Individuals and couples are welcome!


While our studio atmosphere caters mainly to adults, Dance Vision Fulshear offers

junior dance lessons to students ages 12-15. 


Have fun, get confident, and let loose with the Dance Vision Fulshear team!

Thank you for getting in touch! We appreciate you contacting Dance Vision. We'll get in touch with you soon. Have a great day!

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Improve Your Health and Fitness

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Spend More Time Together

As A  Couple

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Have Fun And

Make New Friends

Ballroom dancing has been clinically proven to be beneficial for the body and mind. Leave your boring workout routine behind! Let your mind and feet lead you across the dance floor. You’ll feel better and stronger after each lesson!  Try our Zumba Dance Fitness classes for an added kick to your fitness routine.

Take time away from your hectic schedule to reconnect with your partner. Hold your significant other close and feel the rhythm as you move to the music. You’ll be able to own any dance floor and be the envy of every social event.

Ballroom dancing is for everyone. No partner is required! Meet new people and make friends in our group classes and parties. You’ll build confidence to dance with anyone, anywhere, anytime while taking your private dance lessons.

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Increase Self-Confidence


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Unwind And Relax

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Impress Others At Social Events

As one of the top social activities in the world, ballroom dancing will dramatically increase your self-confidence. Express yourself to music you already love, and discover the sense of achievement and accomplishment that comes with ballroom dancing.

Step into the dance studio and leave the world behind you. All the deadlines, stresses, and worries take a back seat as you enjoy the personal time you deserve. Leave our studio feeling invigorated, refreshed, and accomplished after each visit to Dance Vision Fulshear.

Almost all social events include music and dancing. Whether you’re attending a wedding, work event, or dinner date, always be confident and comfortable to step onto the dance floor.

DANCE VISION STUDIOS - FULSHEAR offers a full range of dance lessons including Ballroom, Latin, Rhythm, Smooth, Country Western, Club dances, and dance fitness. Lessons are offered in private lessons and group classes. Teaching is based upon the DVIDA syllabus, which is the recommended professional qualification by the National Dance Council of America (NDCA). Our highly qualified instructors have all been competitive dancers  and can offer a wealth of experience to make your dance journey both fun and informative. Whether you want a special dance for your wedding, the ability to feel at home on the dance floor at a business function, or just the sheer joy of moving to music with your partner, we can help you achieve your goals quickly and with minimal stress.

If you want to hit the Salsa clubs, we offer Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Mambo, and Cumbia. If Country Western dancing is your passion we have Two-Step, Country Waltz, Country Cha-Cha, Country Swing, Rumba, and Polka. For couples about to be married we can choreograph a music of your choice in a way that makes your dreams come true and leaves a lifelong impression on your guests. Dance Vision will give the perfect couple a perfect dance for a perfect day.  We offer special dances for father of the bride, mother of the bride, and anniversary couples.

Many couples reconnect on the dance floor, learning to work together as a team and moving to music together after many years of bringing up their family. They finally have time to enjoy each other’s company again. After years of raising children, they suddenly have time to spend together. Dance is the perfect way of expressing their love and affection for each other in a truly shared activity.

There is now a wealth of research on the health benefits of dance. To quote an recent article in AARP magazine, dancing can be magical and transforming. It can breathe new life into a tired soul; make a spirit soar; unleash locked-away creativity; unite generations and cultures; inspire new romances or rekindle old ones; trigger long-forgotten memories; and turn sadness into joy, if only during the dance. On a more physical level, dancing can give you a great mind-body workout. Researchers are learning that regular physical activity can help keep your body, including your brain, stay healthy as you age. Exercise increases the level of brain chemicals that encourage nerve cells to grow. According to Rita Beckford, M.D., a family doctor and spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise, dancing requires you to remember dance steps and sequences, which boosts brain power and improves memory skills.  A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that ballroom dancing at least twice a week made people less likely to develop dementia. Research has also shown that some people with Alzheimer's disease are able to recall forgotten memories when they dance to music they know.

Fulshear Professional Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Dance Vision Studio in Fulshear offers professional ballroom dancing lessons for people of all ages and skill levels. When you come to our studio, you’ll look and feel like a star! Our studio is large and spacious, featuring luxury vinyl flooring, contemporary lighting, and large mirrors to study your technique. All classes are taught by highly qualified dance instructors who are registered by the National Dance Council of America (NDCA).
Benefits of Professional Ballroom Dancing Classes:
People dance for all types of reasons, but the benefits are plentiful regardless of your motivation. By being active, you boost your physical, mental, and social health. While there is no specific dance that we recommend, ballroom dancing is the most popular. This dance style has been around since the 16th century and continues to be immensely popular. You’ve probably seen it featured on shows like Dancing with the Stars!
Advantages of Taking Professional Ballroom Dance Lessons in Fulshear, TX:


  • Increase flexibility and coordination

  • Lower your risk for heart attack, stroke, and diabetes

  • Develop new friendships

  • Burn calories and maintain your weight

  • Express yourself without using words

  • Improve mental acuity

  • Decrease your risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia

Private and Group Professional Ballroom Dancing Classes in Fulshear, TX:
Dance Vision Studio offers private and group dance lessons. To quickly learn how to dance, we recommend our private professional ballroom dancing lessons. You will receive one-on-one attention in these classes, and all lesson plans are based on your skills, goals, and expectations. We also believe in a “team teaching” approach that gives you the opportunity to work with all of our instructors.
As you become more comfortable and confident in your dancing, we suggest trying our group dancing classes. These lessons still focus on your unique skills while allowing you to dance with different partners. Some of our favorite ballroom dances include the Foxtrot, Quickstep, Tango, Mambo, and Rumba.

Why Choose Our Fulshear Ballroom Dancing Studio?
Whether you’re looking to strengthen your skills, squeeze in more exercise, or meet new people, our dance studio would love to have you join our family. Here is what you can expect from our ballroom dancing studio in Fulshear TX:


  • Highly qualified instructors

  • Convenient private and group lessons

  • Elegant studio with luxury vinyl flooring

  • Positive, stress-free environment to learn in

  • Great family of dancers to practice with

  • Plenty of room for advancement

  • One-of-a-kind, custom built coffee bar and dressing room

Fulshear professional ballroom dancing lessons will enrich your life in many ways. Join us at Dance Vision Studios today and let’s dance! 

Dance Vision Studios 

4020 FM 1463 Suite 105 
Fulshear, TX 77441
Phone: 281-396-4350

Regular business hours are
Monday - Friday

The best way to reach us is during these times by phone.

Private lessons are available on weekdays before 12:30pm by special appointment.
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