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Our group dance classes and social events offer you the opportunity to enhance your dancing by trying new styles, dancing with friends, and practicing your moves in real-life dance settings, while still offering the safety and comfort of the studio atmosphere.  Instructors are always available to assist you and help you have fun.  We are all learning together!
There is no drop-in rate or membership fee for group classes. 

They are included in all of our private lesson programs.

To enjoy the benefits of our group classes, we ask that you first take private lessons with us.  This is to ensure you enjoy the most benefits and make the best progress in your dancing.  One-on-one instruction is still the best way to learn to dance.  Our instructors are able to determine which teaching styles work best for you, and they will help you learn at a comfortable and efficient pace.  Take a few private lessons to get started, then feel free to jump in to our regularly scheduled group classes.  Group classes are open to all active students.  Ask your instructor which group classes are best suited to help you reach your dance goals.  We want you to learn with confidence and have fun! 

Dance Vision Fulshear does not offer regular private dance lessons on weekends.  Active students will have the opportunity to take extra practice sessions on select Saturdays during the year when they are preparing for a special dance event.  These days will be labeled in our monthly calendar.  The studio is still available for private event rentals on weekends, including practice sessions for our local drill teams.
To rent the studio, or for information regarding specific dates, please check our calendar
or call the studio at 281-396-4350. 
You may also email us by sending your rental requests to 

When emailing us about renting the studio, please include the dates, times, and type of event or dance practice you wish to rent for, and how many people you expect to join you.
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