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Group lessons are an excellent complement to your private lessons.  They are a great way to add more content to your dancing.  With lessons broken up by our specific teaching levels, we can ensure that you are always learning within the plan for success built for you by your private instructor. 

Often containing 4-10 people, our groups have been described as semi-private repetition lessons.  Group lessons focus on foot patterns and other basic movements for a chosen dance within a specific dance level.  Dance techniques associated with those patterns are applied directly by your team of instructors during private lessons, but can be introduced in our Bronze level group lessons.. 

Group lessons are always fun!  You will have lively instructors and a chance to meet and interact with some of the Dance Vision family of students. 

Group dance classes are currently held every weekday and start promptly at 7:15pm.  All group classes are 45 minutes long.  Please visit our Studio Calendar page to see the specific group classes being offered each month.  As we continue to grow our group class program, more classes will be added to the schedule.  We will update our online and in-studio calendars when classes are added.  Please call the studio at 281-396-4350 with any questions.

Group classes are now open to the public!  Take advantage of our New Year's Special by joining any group class for only $10 per person.  We recommend calling the studio ahead of time to double check if the level of group class being taught on the night you wish to come is right for you.  Our instructors will gladly assist you in determining which dance levels will be best for you.

Group Lessons

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