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Meet the Team


Andy and Mary Beth have over 30 years of dance experience, and a multitude of dance certificates and awards between them.


Andy moved to the United States from Germany, where he learned the elements of dance and how to apply them to every style. His unique perspective and understanding of how dance works make his teaching methods

well-rounded and suitable for every student; not to mention the great stories he can tell! His favorite dances are the swing styles, especially Jive.


Mary Beth grew up in Texas, where she trained and performed with several professionals from franchises and independent studios, as well as world-renown coaches who specialize in technique and style.

Mary Beth’s attention to detail and relatability makes dancing a comfortable and rewarding experience for all her students. Her favorite way to dance is with class and sass in the Foxtrot and Cha Cha.


"As lovers of dance and teaching, we understand learning is just as much an art form as dancing. Having personally experienced the life-changing power of dance, our goal is to inspire students to find that same magic within themselves."


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