Private lessons are the simplest and fastest way to learn to dance. Let your own personal dance instructor plan a professional program of dance development for you, and then lesson by lesson, guide you toward success and becoming a confident, comfortable social dancer. 

You can expect your private dance lessons to be structured around the techniques you specifically need. By combining a mixture of technical lessons and high-tempo dance-through lessons, we will have you moving and grooving in no time. 

Within the studio we implement a “Team Teaching” mentality realizing that all of our instructors have different strengths. Because of this, we encourage everyone in the studio to have multiple teachers work with them to maximize your learning and dancing enjoyment. 

Take your dancing further by having one of our traveling Coaches join your private lesson! Coaches are specialists in all forms of ballroom dance and are familiar working with all levels of dancers. Their experience and dance knowledge add value to any dancer's time in the studio. 

It does not matter if your goal is to become the next national champion or to simply make it through an up-coming event, our team of professional private instructors are ready to plan your dance lessons and help you accomplish your goals.

Private lessons may be booked during regular business hours, which are weekdays from 12:30pm to 10:00pm.  Lessons times are scheduled every 45 minutes beginning at 12:30pm.  Starting June 7, 2021, private lessons may be booked on Saturdays by making an appointment with your instructors.  Private lessons may also be booked on weekdays before 12:30pm by special request.  To book your private dance lesson on a Saturday or on a weekday morning, please call the studio or speak to our staff in person.  Happy dancing!

Private Lessons

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