Wedding Dances

Dance for the moment.  Remember for a lifetime.  

Start your next adventure together.


Make the perfect grand entrance as newlyweds with a choreographed wedding dance.  The Dance Vision Fulshear team is here to help you and your fiancé plan your first dance to perfection.  We also teach mother-son dances, father-daughter dances, anniversary dances, and honor dances.

With over 100 wedding dances created in the past two years, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a fully choreographed routine or simple dance moves.  Our team of instructors will be there to make sure you’re confident and comfortable on the dance floor in front of all your wedding guests.  Most importantly, we want you to be confident, comfortable, feel beautiful, and have fun together!

Impress your family and friends by learning a skill that you’ll use for the rest of your lives.  Let us make your big day even more unforgettable by helping you edit your music, pick your dance moves, time your dance to the music, and give you a unique look that will have special meaning and look great in your wedding photos and video.


Call us today at 281-396-4350 to schedule your First Dance Consultation.

Your consultation is a 45-minute meeting in which you and your partner meet with one of our instructors to go over the details of your wedding.  Please call or email the studio directly to schedule.  Help us learn about you, and what makes your story special!  We will ask and answer questions to understand the style and feeling you wish to enjoy for your first dance.  Your instructor will also help you plan your wedding dance lessons according to your personal goals (what you wish to accomplish or feel during your first dance) and according to your personal needs (your schedule, what you will be wearing, time until the wedding date, budget, etc.).  We can also help you coordinate lessons for a second dance, such as father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, dances for parents or grandparents, anniversary dances, and honor dances.  You can even request a private group class to help you and your wedding party lead a fun line dance for all your guests during your reception!


Here are the Dance Vision Fulshear wedding dance guidelines:

  • Pick your song – It will be with you forever; make it personal to you.

  • Know when to stop – Dance too long and you lose your guests' attention; too short and they are left                                           underwhelmed.  The average wedding dance lasts 2 to 2 and a half minutes. 

  • Don’t start too late! – Most couples take lessons a minimum of 3 months before their big day.  This is                                       so you have plenty of time to take enough lessons before you get swamped                                             with last-minute wedding arrangements.  We will gladly work with your                                                     schedule and help you make the most progress in the time you give us.

  • Know your floor size – Before you start your dance, know the size of your floor and how many sides                                           will have spectators.  You don’t want to dip to the DJ!

  • Think about your dress – Want that special dip or beautiful turns?  Make sure your dress allows for it!

  • Get your shoes on – Whatever your choice of wedding shoes, make sure you both practice in them.

  • Relax – Take a break from the stress of wedding planning and spend time together having fun                           dancing! 

  • Practice - We all know practice makes perfect!  The more you practice your dance, the more                                   confident you will be on your big day.  Dance Vision Fulshear gives all our couples the                             opportunity to try out their dance at any of our studio parties.  This helps you get used to                       dancing in front of other people while still having your instructor present to guide                                   you.  Let our dance family cheer you on in a practice dance!

  • REMEMBER - Your first dance should be one of many.  Couples who learn to dance together and                                  continue dancing build stronger, closer relationships.  Dancing helps you learn more                              about your partner and yourself.  The magic doesn't have to end after the honeymoon.                            Keep the romance alive with a dance date night each week!

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