Zumba Dance Fitness

It's Dancing, Fitness, and Fun all wrapped up in one!


Experience the joy of dance while getting your ultimate workout!



















Mary Beth Koenigsberger is your class instructor and is officially certified

with Zumba and the National Dance Council of America.

She's excited to show you how to get fit using official Zumba Basic 1 techniques,

designer dance moves, and the hottest Zumba music!


Visit your instructor's official Zumba profile at Zumba.com!




Basic Level classes are held every Tuesday and Friday, from 11am-12pm and 12:30pm-1:30pm.

(Please contact the studio or visit our online calendar for schedule changes due to holidays.)


Please ARRIVE 10 MINUTES EARLY to class so you have time to sign in at our reception desk

and store any personal belongings.



Our classes are medium-intensity workout sessions for teenage to middle age adults.

Stretching before coming to class is highly encouraged. Every Zumba class is one hour long, with a water break halfway through.  Each class will begin with an easy warm-up routine, followed by dance fitness with more intense speed and movement, finishing with a comfortable cool-down routine.

Not sure of the moves? Don't sweat it! 

Every dance move is repeated several times so you can get the hang of it without stressing out. 

Your instructor will provide verbal and visual cues throughout the class so you are confident following along.Simply have fun working out with Latin and Rhythm vibes infused with techniques and moves from the competitive dance world!

There is LOTS OF SPACE in our 3,800 square foot studio, so you will have plenty of room to move around!  Our Kitchen-Bar area and Lounge are available so you can refresh and relax after class. We also provide individual designer cubbies to house your personal items while you are busy having an awesome dance workout!



















We suggest you dress in comfortable workout clothes with socks and tennis shoes. 

Please bring a water bottle to fill up at our filtered water and ice station.

You may want to bring an athletic towel to dry off, or a clean set of clothes to change into after

your awesome dance workout! 

Don't forget your STUDIO PASS if you have one!




Not sure about your schedule? No problem!

Drop in to any Zumba class for only $20 per person.

Remember to arrive at least 10 min. early to sign in at our front desk

and to find an open storage cubby for your workout bag and personal items.

Committed to your regular dance workout? Great!

Grab a Monthly Studio Pass!

Your Studio Pass gives you unlimited access to all Zumba classes every month,

for a discounted rate of only $15 per class. 

PLUS, you are assigned a private storage cubby where you can keep your workout gear

and personal items--no more carrying them back and forth from each class!

Don't worry about signing in every time.  Just flash your pass and join the fun!


The price per studio pass may vary slightly each month, depending on the number of classes scheduled.  You won't pay for days that do not have a class scheduled, such as holidays or studio closures.  Dance Vision currently offers two classes every Tuesday and Friday (with the exception of holidays).  Please visit our Studio Calendar tab or call us to find out what days the studio is closed.

Want to schedule a private group class or one-on-one session?

All you have to do is ask!

Private Zumba sessions are great for friends' night out, office parties, special club gatherings,

busy parents getaways, theme parties, learning a unique dance routine,

building a personalized fitness plan, and more!

We'll gladly work with you to schedule your Zumba class and meet any needs you have.  

You'll have the freedom to choose your music and dance styles, or we can plan a playlist for you. 

Please schedule private Zumba sessions 1-2 weeks in advance to ensure instructor and studio availability.

Need more info?  Have a special question?

We're here for you!

Please call the studio at 281-396-4350.

Visit us during business hours at 4020 FM 1463 Suite 105 Fulshear, TX 77441.

You may also email us at info@dancevisionfulshear.com.